Welcome to our vibrant world of colourful nurseries! If you’re a parent-to-be, an aspiring interior decorator, or simply someone who appreciates the joy and wonder that colour can bring, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we’ll dive into the enchanting realm of nursery design, where hues, shades, and tints intertwine to create a haven of imagination for your little ones.

Beyond paint and wallpaper, we’ll explore how to incorporate colours into furniture, bedding, artwork, and accessories, ensuring every element of the nursery contributes to a visually captivating and stimulating atmosphere. From soothing pastels to bold primaries, the possibilities are endless when it comes to crafting a lively space that reflects your child’s personality and fosters their growth.

So, whether you’re seeking inspiration for a gender-neutral space, a trend-led nursery or just in the mood for creativity, get ready to paint your world with joy as we unlock the secrets of crafting truly unforgettable, colourful nurseries.


It’s easy to create this kaleidoscope of design brilliance when you’re an artist, colour lover and interior addict. Amy Gibbs is the brains behind this mood-lifting curation and shows how a gallery wall can effectively introduce all the colours of the rainbow without any of the permanence of paint. Amy’s own floral artwork adds a euphoric bloom of cheer to this pretty nursery space. In her own words, ‘Who needs a vase when you’ve got a cowgirl boot!?’ A patchwork velvet cushion and Kip & Co’s ‘Be a Star’ cotton knitted blanket also received the ‘Come to the party with colour’ memo.


Not ready to commit wholesale to a room full of colour? Then maybe this classic halfway house is the best option for you. Colour blocking the lower portion of the walls, including the radiator, brings a wealth of warmth to this small box room. The lighter shade used above syncs perfectly with the window and maximises the sense of light and air. The colours are Yellow Pink, and Linen Wash from Little Greene Paint Company. Creative DIY-er, Medina has added a spot of super, simple vertical panelling, which gives a false sense of height to the low ceilings – it also adds to the modern feel of this compact box nursery. Another trick to steal is adding colour to the room with toys, accessories and mobiles. We love the sailing boat mobile by @pavilionbroadway, the retro abacus and the painting of lemons (a charity shop find!). The hanging clothes rail is a clever space-saver but another great outlet for a splash of colour.


Tonal colour is a completely different direction to take, and this walk in the midnight forest demonstrates how bold you can be with a relatively limited colour palette. Hues of teal, peacock and petroleum create a dark and moody vibe in this cosy woodland-themed nursery. Layered rugs and opulent window dressings add to the dramatic vibe, and there’s a host of furry friends to share the adventure with on the feature wall. An adjacent wall and ceiling in brilliant white offer brief respite from the dark tones, along with the bare spindles on the cot and a mono leopard rug. It’s a room that feels alive with nature, and the finishing touch is that super-cool reindeer stool.


Pastel pink and green shades combine to create a feeling of springtime all year round, especially when the green is delivered via a blooming beautiful wallpaper. If you’re curious, it’s Blossom Chinoiserie Mural in Vert Garden by @scalamandre. The colour combination for this twin-girl nursery is super-chic, but it’s also practical too. Shades of green are known to be calming, so they are a perfect choice for newborn nurseries and bedrooms in general. We love the contrast between the original 1800s dark wooden floor and the delicate pink of Pottery Barn Kids’ Love Shack rug. Candy pink ceiling coving and skirting boards frame the feature wallpaper like a work of art in its own right, but the final flourish is a bespoke piece by New York’s @kristinetirneyart. Look closely, and you’ll see how the textured blossom petals complete this picture-perfect room.


Keep furniture neutral and add all the colour with floor and wall coverings and a spot of pink-panelled paintwork. An autumnal palette makes for a cosy, welcoming space to cradle and comfort a newborn.

Board and batten and the wall decal artwork were the first DIY projects in the new home of parents Kellen and Myles, and we’d say they’ve done a stellar job in Winter’s nursery. The butterfly decals by @urbanwalls are of particular significance. When Kellen was pregnant with Winter, her eldest daughter was convinced the new arrival’s name would be Butterfly!


A specific colour palette or theme isn’t always necessary. It’s entirely possible to add a splash, dash or pop with just one item, like this bright yellow railed cot. The designer of this room clearly knows a thing or two about interiors, as they’ve anchored the lick of lemon in a background palette of soothing greys and charcoals. Those peachy curtains also bring balance to a room full of contrast. Everything is perfectly pulled together by a feature wallpaper encased in an alcove for maximum effect.


When we think of colour, our brains often immediately think of bright or powerful hues. This nursery portrays the calmer side of colour and how a natural palette can infuse a room with light and balance. Soft peachy tones fused with earthy terracotta and copper give a composed feel to this modern nursery, reinforced by the abstract face line art wallpaper. For those wondering where they can buy the adorable plush dog, he’s Bruno, and he’s the photographer’s dog. We had to look twice too!


Parker’s modern nursery is another great example of less is more. A tight colour palette of harmonious jewelled autumnal shades creates a sophisticated look that could easily outlive his foundational years. Classic navy never dates, and teamed with a mustard colour blocked wall and a copper canopy, creates a timeless trend-led space. An isolated block of innovative panelling adds individuality and is the perfect stage to put Parker’s name up in lights.


Eclectic colour clash and contrived but considered chaos win the day in the sweet corner of this rainbow-infused nursery. Patchwork styling looms large in the quilted rug, and a crocheted daisy blanket over the sherbet lemon cot echoes the same seventies retro vibe. If a nursery could represent a popular cake decoration, this one would be hundreds and thousands. The cheerful composition lends a liberal sprinkling of joy and happiness. Despite the riot of colour, everything seems perfectly ordered and in its place. Perhaps it’s the symmetry in the wall art or the neatly folded dresses doubling up as an art installation themselves.


Every interior part plays its role in this technicolour production. The star of the show is the larger-than-life mural, setting the stage for the rest of the cast to shine. Surely the best-supporting act goes to the vibrant collection of bedlinen and multicoloured cushions.

This is the pick and mix of interiors. We’ve every childhood print and pattern in the book; checks, spots, florals, nature and rainbows. Primary colours and pastels happily coexist in an innovative space crafted for childhood dreams.


Think again if you think deep earthy tones are confined to large open spaces. The plummy terracotta in this cosy recess is balanced perfectly with a lighter-based wallpaper on the adjacent wall. The floral pattern picks out complimentary hues, while a liberal dose of natural rattan, calico, and macrame adds a light touch. The clever positioning of the intricate cot and canopy in the corner creates space and flow, seamlessly blending the two wall treatments together. We love the finer detail; the ecru rainbow rug versus the decorative pastel rainbow and the floral seat cushion echoing the blooms of the wall covering.

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