Looking for fresh DIY ideas on how to spruce up your kid’s room this Autumn? Look no further than washi tape! These magical tapes have been growing strong in DIY kids’ decor lately and for a good reason. They are cheap and super easy to work with which makes them ideal candidates for creative projects. Kids grow up so fast, which means  their rooms are in a constant state of transition, and washi tape can come in handy if you want to make a quick update from time to time. Since they are easy to put up and take down without damaging the walls, you can surprise your little one with temporary touch ups anytime you wish. And unlike expensive murals and wallpapers, they are also convenient for renters and those who are living somewhere briefly.

Are you ready to see limitless opportunities of washi tape in action?

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Designing wall art in your little one’s room has never been more simple! Using washi tape, you can create all sorts of outlines in the shape of mountains, skyscrapers, houses, teepees, and even your kid’s favourite animals. And unlike with paint, due to the convenient nature of washi tape, there is always room for error. So, no pressure!

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Turn ordinary furniture into eye-catching pieces of DIY art by playing with multicoloured strips of a washi tape. Drawers and tables such as IKEA’s Lack table can provide a perfect foundation for such projects. Just take your favourite colours and patterns and stick away! To keep the little fingers from peeling off the strips from the table top, cover it with a piece of plexiglass. Your child can also have fun customizing and changing the décor of the door to his room as if it was a canvas to play and be creative with.

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With washi tape you can create simple patterns across the whole wall and imitate a wallpaper without spending a fortune. Such a huge project can be a bit time consuming and nerve-racking, but the advantage is that you’ll have the freedom to choose your own arrangement and play with it until you achieve the desired look. Trust us, the end result will be worth the effort!

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Here’s another IKEA hack that uses washi tape to transform an elementary piece of furniture into a fun and creative accessory. With a couple of rolls and a bit of imagination, the IKEA Expedit unit is going to give up its role as a bookshelf to become a welcoming home for your little girl’s toy friends. You can achieve this by outlining the shape of a house behind the unit or just adding a roof with a chimney above. But don’t stop there! Decorate the inside of the bookcase with washi tape wallpapers so the dolls feel more at home.

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If your kids are the lucky owners of a spacious room, go crazy, and make a hopscotch using washi tape. It is a bold way to squeeze in some healthy active play indoor during rainy or cold days. Just make sure you only do this if you live in a house or ground floor because the neighbours wouldn’t be pleased with all the jumping around…

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Besides the bookshelf dollhouse, washi tape could also be used to create or customize many other objects. Instead of wasting money on an expensive play table or printed play rug, you and your child can enjoy making one yourselves on the floor! The same goes for recycling old toys!

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Washi tape is every DIY enthusiast’s best friend! Is it going to become yours?

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