Today we are celebrating the adventurous spirit of our restless boys. Whether you have an infant, toddler or teenager, you can’t go wrong with the aviation themed kid’s room. Children are natural born daredevils and by introducing aeroplanes to their environment, you will not only spark this virtue in them but also provide them with a thrilling playing space. Bring an aviation-inspired magic to the little pilot’s room through wallpapers, toys, aeroplane bedding and decor. Let your kiddo soar high above the clouds with these fun ideas!

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Introduce your baby to the aeroplanes from day one to help you both get through everyday activities a bit easier. Ask any parents and they will tell you, sometimes putting the little one to sleep can be quite exhausting. To help his dreams take flight, install an aeroplane mobile above the crib and watch him get dazzled by the spinning planes. If you are ready to embrace minimalism, grab some coloured paper and make origami planes yourself! When your little one gets older, teach him the craft.

aeroplane nursery mobile

aeroplane origami

In order to draw baby’s attention, place aeroplane themed wall decals, wallpapers or framed pictures next to the changing table. When those peppy little arms and legs start going all over the place, you will need all the help you can get while changing the nappies.


The transition from crib to bed is an important step towards becoming an independent “big kid”. However, this is not always a smooth process. To make the transition as painless as possible, adorn the space around the bed with stuff your youngster is already familiar with, such as the aviation motifs. Whether it’s a cartoon character flying a plane, vintage biplane soaring through the clouds, or modern jet wallpaper, once in bed, there would be no end to dreaming about flying among the clouds. And don’t forget to tuck them in the aeroplane print bed sheets! To up the experience even more put up an amazing shelf in the shape of a biplane’s wing with a propeller in front!

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For every toddler out there a ride-on is a must, but instead of a pedal car or motorbike surprise your little pilot with a pedal aeroplane. Flying around the house in his very own aerocraft will not only be beneficial for his physical development but will also give wings to his imagination.

aeroplane ride-on


plane bed

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Chispum plane wall decals


plane aviation wallpaper


As your kids get older and their interest for planes increases, wallpapers, prints and ride-on toys are just not going to be enough for them anymore. Now is the chance to start a hobby together with your kids by helping them build wooden planes or assemble plastic model kits. While in the process teach them patience, manual dexterity, and a keen eye. And when they are ready, enrich the room by hanging these models from the ceiling or pin them to the wall for friends and family to admire. Your kids are going to feel proud!

plane toys

aviation kids décor toys

Your kid doesn’t need an aeroplane bed to be a little pilot, but rather a bit of inspiration and a lavish imagination. With the aeroplane themed room, the sky is the only limit!

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