Every child requires a bed in his room. It’s an apparent fact. And many parents view the bed as merely a necessity, and some as an opportunity to bring something more than just a vessel straight to dreamland into their kids’ rooms. But why would someone decide on a bulky contraption such as the loft bed? Well, because the loft bed is every small room’s best friend and can literally be considered as a miniature living quarters in itself. Besides being a place for sleeping, there are countless options to what you can do with a loft bed but, most importantly the children love them! So, today we are here to show you just what a loft bed is capable of and why you should consider getting one when the next opportunity arrives.

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Another essential piece of furniture that every kid’s room ought to have is a desk, i.e. a working/study area. Instead of occupying precious space for this purpose, the lower part of the loft bed can be converted into a wonderful, confined place where your kids can concentrate on the work at hand. Everything they’ll need can comfortably fit under there.

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The space under the loft bed is a perfect place for establishing a cosy, tucked away nook for leisure time. Sometimes a soft rug and a bunch of pillows are all that’s needed. However you can add all sorts of furniture pieces such as a sofa and even shelves for the little bookworms to store their favourite books, so they’ll always be at their fingertips.

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If your kid’s room is too busy or small-scale and lacks a proper play area, then look no further than the loft bed. Of course, the simplest solution is to leave the space empty for your children to bring their toys when they’re in the mood for playing or separate it from the rest of the room with curtains. But with a little imagination and creativity, you can create a really unique and impressive fun zone.

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These types of beds are filled with opportunities for storing toys, books and even clothes, significantly reducing clutter in kids’ rooms. There are loft beds equipped with shelves, drawers, wardrobes and other brilliant stashing options that are going to reduce the need for separate pieces of furniture.

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In one easy step, you can turn the loft bed into a bunk bed by merely adding another mattress below. Then why not just get the second one straight away? The answer is simple! Unless you have two children, the bunk bed is obsolete and unnecessary. On the other hand, loft beds are perfect for sleepovers. Later you just take away the second mattress, and you’re back to square one.

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The loft bed shouldn’t only be reserved for small spaces as this piece of conjoined furniture can be a great tucked away source of fun and cosiness in larger rooms too!

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