A curious mind and restless feet, is this how you would describe your little bundle of joy? That’s what we thought. Kids have inborn curiosity and wanderlust for discovering the world, and if you happen to share their enthusiasm and dream of being that family who travels together and makes memories in every corner of the planet, you are in for a treat!

 Surprise your adventurers in the making with a travel-inspired kids’ room and watch as they fall in love with the nomad lifestyle!

Let’s spin the globe and see where we’ll land.

travel inspired kids rooms

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Remember how you loved to spin the globe when you were a child? Oh, that excitement when you randomly land your finger on the map and discover some exotic location ready to be explored!

Well, kids of today are no different. Give them a globe and you’ll see the same thrill in their eyes that your parents’ once cherished while you were growing up. Introducing a globe in your kids’ room will not only grant you hours of entertainment for the little ones, but it will also help them make their first steps in the field of geography. With a globe, absorbing knowledge about the world becomes cool and exciting and will also serve as a favourite go-to social activity with both you and their friends.

And with so many beautiful products on the market, finding the right fit for your kids’ room will be a walk in the park. You can choose to go vintage or minimal, or even opt for a globe table lamp. As long as you can spin it, it is impossible to do wrong!

world globe for kids room


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If you are ready for a bigger commitment than just a globe, why not covering the walls with a world map?

 There are quite a few options to choose from; from simple sticker decals that can be put up and taken down without damaging the wall (but will require some time and attention to arrange in just the right order), to sophisticated mural wallpapers that spread from the floor to the ceiling. Whatever you choose is sure to make an impact. And if you are lucky enough to possess a large vintage map somewhere in your house, don’t look further. There are not many items out there that scream eclectic world traveller look as loud and distinctive as such vintage find.

world map mural

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travel themed kids room

Murals Wallpaper

travel inspired childrens rooms


black and white world map mural


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world map wallpaper

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A real traveller is always ready for a new experience, and so is his suitcase. He likes to keep it on hand in case some travelling opportunity arrives. A chest of a mini-globetrotter, currently staying put, often hides the toys and mysterious items brought from many imaginary trips to the fantasy world. So never rummage these suitcases unless the owner agrees!

suitcase storage for kids rooms


Fanny and Alexander

Fanny and Alexander

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suitcases in childrens rooms

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We have the location and the suitcase is packed, so what’s missing? The camera! Before jumping on a play pretend train, don’t forget to hand over the camera to the kids and ask them to snap as many photos as they can, so they can later show them to you while going through all the fun things that happened on a journey.

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Fanny and Alexander

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Doesn’t this sound exciting? A perfect educational game. Encourage kids to choose a new location each time (doesn’t matter if they spin the globe or simply place a finger on the map) and then help them learn as much as possible about it by arranging a play pretend visit to the site. The camera is here and we are already packed, so what are we waiting for?

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