Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t secretly love to be a superhero? Superheroes are brave and confident, always fighting the bad guys and helping those in need. Perfect role models for children who grow up thinking they could be just like them. If your kids dream of becoming superheroes, they’ve probably already asked for their own hideout. We are here today to help you create a superhero cave you and your little ones will treasure.

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batman boys room

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Themed rooms can be tacky, so it is very important not to get carried away. A room should be inspired by the theme, not overwhelmed by it. Introduce a superhero vibe through accents and you will end up with a tasteful space everyone will enjoy. And when your kids outgrow it, adapting the room will be super easy.

superman boys room

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If you are after a gender neutral design, superhero room could be just what you need. Yes, you heard us well – superheroes are not just for little boys, girls love them too! Anyone who is up for heroic acts can be a superhero.

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superhero girls rooms

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The superhero den is a perfect place to show your passion for the current monochrome trend. Achieving the comic book effect is super simple if you opt for the good old black & white colour scheme. For some bonus points, add a splash of yellow here and there and a few classic comic book catchphrases, such as KA-POW, BAM, BANG or BOOM.

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Even superheroes have to sleep to recharge their superpowers. After a rough day fighting villains and saving the world, they sure deserve equally fearless comforter and bedding. Superhero themed bed sheets can sometimes be on a cheaper side, but not necessarily. Check out the photos below, and you will find some of the most stylish and tasteful examples. Underneath these sheets, your little superhero in training is destined to dream big.

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Getting kids to pick up and put away their toys is basically like hitting the lottery. Batman inspired storage will add a fabulous finishing touch to the room and might help your little superhero discover his hidden superpower – cleaning up after play.

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To make the walls look like they have been pulled out of the pages of a comic book, display lighting bolts, Batman or Bandit masks on them. These wall decals are uber-stylish and can be found in a variety of versions.

Add instant character with superhero framed quotes. They can be a perfect motivation for a superhero in making and would make a wonderful eye catcher. From simple to extravagant, gallery wall can hold everything from wall art, banners, minimalist posters to superhero themed shelves, hooks or lamps.

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If you are a mum of a superhero to be, encourage him to be fierce and confident, just like his hero. If you say YES to creating his secret hideout, you are going to hit his list of superheroes. After all, is there anything better than being a sidekick to your own child?

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