“Somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.” – E.Y. Harburg

 Kids’ rooms are strongholds, keeping a watch on the children’s imaginary worlds, their dreams and aspirations. Their own little refuge from prosaicness and grown up’s worries. Places where everything is possible if you only dare to dream it. And what daredevils kids are! The best thing you can do as a parent is to encourage the kids to follow their rainbows, and while at it, why not adorn their rooms with rainbow itself.

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Even though we usually take it as a symbol of all things glittery and fluffy, a rainbow is so much more than that! Rainbow stands for beauty, harmony and creation. It is a divine promise that everything will turn fine, no matter the size of the storm. What a remarkable message for a young mind!

The very sight of a rainbow is promised to lift the spirits up even on the cloudiest of days. Make it a star of your little one’s room and watch the space shine with energy and happiness.

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The easiest way to welcome the rainbow in kids’ interiors is by introducing it in accents. All the vibrant hues of the spectre will shine through only if toned down with a neutral backdrop. No eyes will be pleased if they have nowhere to rest, so make sure not to make the room too busy with colour. If you are looking for a light and airy feel in your little one’s room, the best advice would be to make it as white as possible and then bring in the rainbow with details, such as throw pillows, stencils, rugs, bed linen and wall art.

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But if you are not a big fan of a minimalist approach, you can do the very opposite and paint the walls in all the colours of the rainbow and leave the furniture plain white. Either way, the results will be stunning!

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The most difficult look to master would be coordinating the hues of the rainbow across the kid’s room. Select the tones carefully and keep in mind that their intensities have to match. Pastel, muted, bright, dark or vibrant, any palette would do if you stick to it through out the room. No colour should overtake the power, or the room will end up looking out of place.

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Chloe Fleury

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Jazz things up with some fun quotes, such as: “Somewhere over the Rainbow” or to score some extra points on the whimsy, throw in a few stars. Or why not a  cheerful rainbow alphabet print – not only will it look gorgeous, but it will also be a great educational tool.

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