As kids grow, they learn many skills such as problem-solving and independence. Many assume that creativity is not one of those skills that can be taught, but that it is something inborn to a child. That is only partially true. Although all children cannot become Picasso, Mozart, or Salvador Dali, they can all develop the skill of creativity with a little help from their parents. One of the things that has a large impact on that is their environment. Here are some design tips that will help you nurture the imaginative side of your kids’ personality.

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Colours inspire kids to be creative and including many of them in their rooms will certainly start the spark of imagination in them. It is thought that the colours that are the most inspiring are the ones derived from nature, such as light teal or warm green. Although they can be the prevailing shades, it is important to include other brighter ones through accents. Hanging colorful artwork on the walls can also awaken their inner artist.

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Kids love to draw and scribble on walls. Parents, on the other hand, are not very thrilled about it, especially if they’ve painted the room recently. Kids use the walls to express themselves, which makes them feel confident and willing to explore their talents. When parents say “no-no” to that, children are repressing a part of their personalities that should be encouraged. Of course, you shouldn’t let them “decorate” the wall of your living room, but you can paint one wall in their room with chalkboard paint and make this habit a harmless one.

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Oh My Dear

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Style by Emily Henderson


Privacy isn’t something exclusively reserved for the adults. Kids have their own worlds in which adults shouldn’t be allowed because somewhere along the way, they have lost the ability to imagine. Make that space for your kids in one corner of the room, by creating a play-tent (a simple DIY project), introducing an oversized dollhouse, a playmarket or a store, etc.

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Bed is a necessary piece of furniture in kids’ room. Why not use it then to make the space more imaginative? A bed can be made to look like a ship taking your little ones to great adventures, a tent making them feel like they’re out in the nature, a club house that makes role playing adults much easier, a loft bed with climbing and sliding solutions to keep them preoccupied and away from technology… basically whatever you think of.

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Sajat Otthon Project

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Having a single theme to build the entire décor upon can make your work much easier. When choosing it, make sure it is fun and playful for the kids. It can be a theatre room with an actual stage where they can perform, a Lego-themed room where everything is changeable or a Peter Pan’s Neverland where they can sail Hook’s ship and stay forever young.

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Home World Design

peter pan decor


Sir Ken Robinson, an international advisor on education, once said that “creativity is as important as literacy”. It is up to the parents to do whatever is within their power to provide equal chances for learning both of these skills. An inspiring environment is one of the ways to do it.

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