A boys’ room should be everything but boring, and, when it comes to kids’ rooms, there is nothing more boring than a blank wall. It is no wonder that drawing murals on kids’ room walls was always very popular. Still, not all of us can be artists, and some would just love a simple instant solution that can brighten up our little boys’ nest. Fortunately, there is a little something called wallpaper – you just need to find the one for you and hang it up on one or more walls. Here are a few fun wallpaper ideas for your little man’s cave.

train wallpaper

Castles for Rascals

robot wallpaper

Aimee Wilder

worldmap wallpaper

Little Hands Wallpaper

cute wallpaper for boys

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Let’s start with the most interesting wall covering of them all – magnetic wallpaper. This kind of interactive wallpaper allows kids to put magnetic stickers or magnets on the images and use it in their play. Not only will the kids find it interesting, but you will also have your peace of mind, since you won’t have to worry about your boys sticking things to the wall with drawing pins.

Colour-in wallpaper can be one more ace up your sleeve in the game of creativity and innovation in your boy’s room decor. Colour-in wallpapers are filled with characters, objects and shapes just waiting for your  arty youngster to master his talent on them. They can be a great way to keep the boys occupied, improve their painting skills and save the family room walls from their crayons.

dinosaur wallpaper

Sian Zeng

colouring-in wallpaper

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colouring-in wallpaper

Graham Brown


If you are looking for minimalistic wallpapers that could still make a huge statement, look no further than grid patterns. They can be mixed with vibrant colors with no problem, but it can also work perfectly with neutral Scandinavian design. Since they don’t emit a certain school vibe, they are great to introduce in school age kids’ rooms.

grid wallpaper

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schoolbook grid wallpaper

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Boys are all natural born explorers constantly looking for new adventures. And there is no better environment for their escapades than nature. Wallpapers that showcase animals playing around in landscapes, forests or the jungle having fun will fill the boys’ room with joy and dynamics and provide them with a much needed feeling of open space and connection with the wild and nature. And the fish and the sea is a fun idea too!

mountain wallpaper

A Cup of Jo

forest and jungle wallpaper

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nature and animals wallpapers

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fish wallpaper

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bird wallpaper boys


nature wallpaper boys

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Minimalistic wallpapers can be just as whimsical as the ones with large and striking motifs. They are a great backdrop for decorating with many textures, patterns and colors, but can also look well in a stripped-down room. Just imagine, white wallpaper with many teeny-tiny black pines, or neutrally colored boats sailing from one side to another…

pinetree wallpaper

Megan Luhrs

discrete wallpaper for boys

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minimalistic wallpaper boysroom

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Adding wallpaper is the quickest way to inject the boys’ room with fun and personality. It will change the room’s look in just a couple of hours. Just don’t forget that wallpapers are a more permanent solution than wall stickers – they can stay on the wall for years, so make sure to choose some style that will stand the test of time.

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