Foxes are fascinating creatures. They’re mysterious, elusive, clever, playful, friendly, fun (they can make over forty noises) and, most of all, they’re so incredibly fluffy. Really, we see so many kids’ rooms decorated with fuzzy bears, lions, cats and dogs, and there are simply too little foxes included in the picture. But why when one fox is the character (and a very important one) in one of the most beautiful children’s stories, Little Prince? It is precisely the fox that gave the little prince the most valuable lessons that led him back to his rose and motivated him to accept responsibility. So, here’s a suggestion: leave the bears on the shelves and fill up your kids’ room with these cuddly ginger creatures.

kids posters with foxes

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black white fox pillow

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Although there are approximately thirty different breeds of foxes, one of the most common colours of a fox’s coat is red. And isn’t that adorable shade of red (nearly orange) the most perfect way to start introducing fox-theme into your kids’ room? Start with area rugs, and move on to accent walls, bedding, drapes, etc. Complement it with most common woodland colours, such as muted greens, taupe, deep browns, forest green, stony grey and caramel.

kids decor with foxes

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kids rooms with orange

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Every kids’ room should have an interesting accent wall, and foxes are such a great inspiration for it. You can add a wallpaper with fox pattern, paint a fox mural  or draw a fox on a chalkboard wall.

fox wall decor

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fox kids wall decor

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Foxes are known to be very smart, and even the word “foxy” translates to cunning or crafty. Use that to inspire your little ones to grow to become clever and resourceful. You can do that by hanging posters and prints saying things like “Be clever little fox”. Or use the words of wisdom of the little prince’s fox. Imagine an art print with quotes such as “You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed” and “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye”.

clever fox poster

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funny fox poster

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stay clever little fox poster

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Kids are natural-born daydreamers. Spark that fascinating imagination of theirs by introducing a playing teepee, that will at the same time be a reading nook, daydreaming retreat and a playing space. Teepee is, of course, a perfect hideout for little red foxes too.

teepee and a fox

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hide-in ideas kids room

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Now comes the easiest part: equip the kids’ room with multiple fox accessories. Start with the most obvious choice – stuffed toys, and then expand your search to some more precious and unique items like throw pillows, blankets, musical mobiles, wall wreath, book holders, chairs, etc.

nursery with fox rug

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fox plushtoy

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fox kids cushion

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fox details in kids rooms

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fox plushies

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There is no doubt that foxes are the most adorable creatures in existence, right after your little babies, so joining them together into one room will make the universe overwhelmed with cuteness.


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