Albero Bambino’s furniture is built to last and to be transmitted from generation to generation. In compliance with traditional craftsmanship in Italy, the quality is outstanding with a flawless finish. Every product goes through a special procedure, LCA – Life Cycle Assessment, which means that the entire life cycle of the product has been scientifically considered to minimize impact on the environment. This procedure, together with a sustainable approach to the sourcing of beech wood from European eco-managed forests, allowed the brand to receive the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration), the most important environmental declaration today. It’s the only kid’s furniture in the world to have obtained this.

Emphasis is also put on innovation and safety. In 2017, their first design – the baby cot, received the ‘European Products Design Award’ with the mention ‘for creating the most innovative and safe cot throughout the European market’. The sides are made in a special 3D polyester material that is thick, breathable, hypoallergenic, flame retardant and just as soft as cotton, thus avoiding the use of bumpers that can be dangerous for young babies.

The brand has continued their research for babies safety and health during the last years and are also offering cots and cradles with electromagnetic radiation protection (4/5G, Wifi etc). The evolutive Kangaroo high-chair is particularly appreciated for its practicality, easy to fold away and wash. All the packaging is made out of recycled cardboard and the inside protection for the furniture is biodegradable.

Albero Bambino embraces the joy of a newborn child and reminds us that excellency cannot be achieved without respect for the life around us.

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