A valuable toy is not determined by what the toy can do, but what a child can do with it. Therefore We Rock! rockerboards offer limitless play for children as they can use their creative minds to do whatever they feel like with the board – rock, balance, move, stumble, hide, build..or why not jump from it – the options are endless!

We Rock! has transformed the original design of the classic rockerboard into a contemporary board which takes account of safety aspects. They are the only manufacturers in the world who offer rockerboards with protective edges that protect fingers. The design originates from the Waldorf rockerboard used in the Waldorf education where it had been used for over twenty years. Thanks to this experience, the positive effects its use has on a child’s development are well known – stimulating the sense and organs of balance, awareness of body and limbs (proprioception) but also a child’s creativity.

The boards are available with or without felt. The layer of felt protects both the board and floor and reduces the noise during play. You can choose from 28 different vibrant colours – pinks, blues, yellow, greens, orange or grey. If you prefer a more natural look then you can opt for the oiled or varnished versions. So whatever your choice will be, you’re sure to offer many hours of fun for your children and you might want to get one for yourself too!

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