The first few months after the baby’s arrival are the most precious and unforgettable moments a mother will ever experience in her entire life. This is the time where you’ll create a bond with your child that will last a lifetime. Your little baby is curious and exploring the world around him – the world to him being his mama’s chest and caring arms most of the time..

This wonderful time was inspirational for Cécile Santoni when she became a mother herself, experiencing that her little daughter had tiny little fingers that were grabbing almost everything around her and placing it in her mouth to chew. She soon realized that it was best to avoid her usual jewellery but her French flair for chic led her to imagine a collection of jewellery that would be elegant for new mothers and at the same time practical for their little bundles.

MintyWendy was born in the same year as Cécile’s daughter, in 2015, and is growing steadily with exciting developments every year. In 2016, Amazon was attracted by the brand’s story and aesthetics and shot a promotional video, in 2017 Cécile was interviewed by the leading business TV channel BFM in France and today the brand is sold in over 40 concept stores in 8 different countries.

The collections include chewable necklaces, chokers, bangles and teething toys in non-toxic food-grade silicone that can be washed any time either by hand or in the dishwasher. The gorgeous colours have been carefully chosen to fit with the current fashion’s trends and designs are clean, slightly geometric and soft. Designed and assembled in France, these gems also make the perfect baby shower gift!

Photo credit : Candice Henin

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