Minicamp started in 2014, when Gintaré Motiejūnaitė, the Founder, was on maternity leave, just planning for her first daughter’s birthday. As most parents wish for their child, Gintaré and her husband wanted it to be something nice and special to remember. So when they thought of the birthday theme, they came up with the Pow Wow idea. Gintaré started creating decorations and that’s how the first teepee was born. Then the following designs and creations just popped out – teepees, cushions, blankets, hobby horses, magic wands and lots of other designs for a kid’s bedroom.

Using mostly linen, cotton and wood for her creations, Gintaré first makes the prototypes and then let her children test them. You can therefore be sure that only the best and safest materials have been chosen.

Minicamp is a family business, located in Lithuania, Vilnius. They are involved in the majority of the manufacturing process, ensuring that each item has in some point had a contact with their own hands. After many tests and feedbacks, Minicamp is proud to ensure firm, stable and safe teepees. They are still one of their bestsellers, together with a variety of add ons – playmats, cushions, flower garlands, deco pompoms and even matching supercute pet teepees..

Minicamp’s aim is to show that growing and playing can not only be fun but beautiful too. We couldn’t agree more!

We also invite you to check out this video, for a better visual idea of Minicamp’s lovely teepees and cushions:



peppermint tree creations


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