Baby Bites is here to represent those families who do not want to lose their essence as an individual and want to enjoy parenthood to the fullest.

The brand believes that the childcare sector has been homogeneous, neutral and naive for many years. and that the prevailing feeling amongst new parents is excessive responsibility and a big change in their lives compared to when they didn’t have children. And that’s where Baby Bites fits so well – to be that pinch of salt that is missing, by proving that parenthood, with the right attitude, can also be lots of fun!

Baby Bites has established as a global brand of practical and everyday accessories, mainly sleeping bags for babies that every cool parent wants to have in their lives.

The brand believes in a better future for our kids, that’s why all manufacturing is based in Spain & Portugal.

The products are loving and safe for babies – all are OEKO-TEX certified, using only natural fabrics and anti-allergic inks. Emphasis is placed on fair trade and transperancy all through the production chain, in order to do their part in making things right

Baby Bites’ objective is to continue creating products that create unrepeatable moments between parents and children, always with a touch of humor and a positive attitude – in order to live parenthood as if it’s a grown-up’s game!

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