Songes et Rigolades’ is a brand originally founded in France by Stéphanie Chaussereau. Inspired by her own children, her desire was to create a protective and evolutive furniture concept for babies and children, that would grow with them from their very first years until they are around five. The designs are very soft, round and playful.

The brand name means ‘Dreams and Giggles’ in French – two words that characterize childhood so well… To dream is to imagine and conceive. To giggle is to be carefree, just like a child.

Nowadays, the brand has become Belgian and is owned by Tarik Hodzic. With an experience of 20 years gained in the wood and furniture manufacturing sector through his family-owned factory, Tarik saw the potential of Songes et Rigolades and decided to continue spreading the brand’s universe and values.

English speaking staff available at + 32 478 72 50 05 or

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