Linha Bloom Europe is a brand of contemporary furniture for children and babies. It features organic shapes, ergonomic curves and light soft colors, stimulating the creativity and curiosity.

The European collection is designed by its mother brand Linha Bloom in Brazil, which has been on the market for several years. The European market is a new chapter for the brand but distributors are already present in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and Switzerland.

The line is manufactured by Kiddo, one of the most traditional childcare companies which offers products focused on design, quality and safety for babies and children through the use of modern engineering. The materials are natural and completely adapted for the smallest ones.

The designs complement different spaces – both domestic and public places. From their own rooms in the family home to areas of schools, kindergartens, libraries, medical centers or corners of pediatric centers.

Their practical, functional and interactive functions allow the different products to be transformed, depending on the situation or the different stages of the children’s lives. By transforming and readjusting the use of the furniture, an active relationship is created between the child and parent.

Products include toy boxes, cube shelves, cube chairs, stools, a children’s table, a dining room chair and a bassinet. More designs are on the way, such as beds and bigger bassinets. Stay tuned for updates of their collections here at Kids Interiors!



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