Isle of Dogs Design was founded in 2000 by Dorothee Gahlen and Birgit Geisel after their university studies and started with a hand-painted collection inspired by their own children in order to create a truly unique and individual style for children’s furniture.

Isle of Dogs Design provides children with furniture that will always connect them to a wonderful time of their life, a time that they will like to remember later, such as details and colour they loved and maybe the smile of the crocodile on their bed, the yellow of the frog, the king’s crown or the small dots on the pink heart. The parents choose what they think their child will love the most.

And although there is a distinctive “Isle of Dogs style”, every piece of furniture is individual, every room is as unique as the child that lives in it.

The furniture is made out of solid beech wood with a white lacquer and produced in small carpenter’s workshop in Slovenia. The motifs are painted by hand in the Isle of Dogs studio in Wuppertal.

Because of its classic design the furniture suits many kinds of interior styles, including the Scandinavian style that is reminiscent of a summer vacation by the sea, or a modern furnished town house that – in combination with one or two vintage objects – is evocative of a large apartment in an old building in Berlin or Paris.

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