The Craffox brand love working with wood because it’s natural and alive, giving a sense of closeness to nature. Their best-selling product is the kitchen learning tower, which not only serves as a furniture to help with kitchen tasks, but can also be used for reaching the sink in the bathroom for cleaning teeth or hands.

Their other popular products are wooden cameras, which have passed strict safety requirements allowing the child to bite, check its strength and handle it safely. Designs are simple, yet refined, with a retro look. You can choose between light blue, pink, black or white and even have your child’s name engraved on the side. Such a cute gift!

The brand believes that wooden toys and furniture should be valued for generations – just like  a decades-old, rumpled teddy bear with couple of loose threads.  Their products are not only durable but also keep their emotional value throughout a person’s life,  to be passed on to future generations. All products are made in  CE and FSC certified plywood.

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