Hoppl provides new & creative experiences for all kids!
The ColoColo Chair & Desk is a multi-functional piece of furniture that grows with a child’s development. It  can be transformed to suit many scenarios and children of all ages – it flips upside down all different ways to be used as a desk, bench, table & chairs, footstool, and storage all in one.

The brand was launched in Japan in 2012, with the hope of creating sustainable, safe, creative, and child-centered products characterized by the Montessori educational approach thus stimulating children’ imagination, creativity and concentration.

All products are designed with special care and attention to details, shapes and materials. The ColoColo Chair & Desk has rounded edges and is made of European Beech/Birch/Walnut and complies with European and Asian safey requirements. It received the Japanese Kids Design Award 2012 and is a patented design in Japan.

The Genki-Meter is Hoppl’s new range, that is a fully functional height measuring device as well as a clothes hanger.

Parents will cherish the moments of their children’s development with Hoppl products forever.

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