Tresxics is a brand that makes practical kids décor items into fun. Shelves, hangers, pegs and boardhooks have creative designs in the shapes of clouds, houses, trains, mountains, dots, swallows or dragonflies and children can transform or add their artistic touch by adding stickers or magnets around or onto them . Their large range of textile wall stickers allow children to play with their environment or even to learn, by creating words with the alphabet or by memorizing maths with the multiplication tables. They can also create their own indoor playground with the hopscotch adhesives – great for rainy days with friends!

Founded in 2014, by Susana Enrich after several years working in the creative design sector – Tresxics is today a reference for all kids interior designer and parents looking for everyday kids objects with an essence. The design aesthetics are simple and pure and will easily find their place in any kid’s space without being overwhelming. Furthermore, all the products are locally made ensuring a controlled manufacturing and safety quality at all stages with the packaging ensured by Auria Group that create jobs for disabled or those at risk of social exclusion.

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