The Clever Clogs Kids Company beautifully unites design and innovation with custom radiator covers that are perfect for nursery and kids’ rooms. They will fit around any unaesthetic radiator -two different sizes are available with all the fixtures included so all you need is a drill and screwdriver to fit them straight onto the wall. They can also be made to measure. Designs feature ballerinas, cowboys, dinosaurs, Indians, princesses, safari, unicorn and adventure themes drawn in a simple and sophisticated way so will easily blend in with the rest of the decoration whilst making a design statement. Not only do they look stunning, but are practical too. The heat is captured and projected forward, thus being more energy efficient, plus they prevent little ones accidently leaning against a hot radiator.

The small family-run team makes all the products in a workshop located in Birmingham, UK.  Other products include wooden wall hangings in different shapes and sizes that can be customized with a child’s name, birth date or drawing as well as wooden toys and personalized toy boxes where the child’s name is beautifully carved on the front of the box and painted in any colour you wish.

The Clever Clogs Kids Company put every effort into making the best wooden décor for your little one’s room – with a strong emphasis on quality assurance and perfect carpentry details. Our favourites are the “I Love you Mommy” plaque with the child’s writing and the Unicorn radiator with matching wall hanging. Which ones will be yours?

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