Paper Provision offers a wide range of prints to add personality and whimsy the nursery or the kid’s room. There are many prints that will make the perfect babyshower gift as you can personalize them with the baby’s name, date of birth, letter or any sentence you could imagine with different typos and designs. We also love (and we’re pretty sure you will too) the quirky and creative illustrations with lions, milk bottle packs, drums, mickey mouse ears, monkeys, unicorns, superheroes, cats and pandas – just to name a few! There are also meaningful and fun and sentences such as “Climb your mountains so you can see the world”, “Always wear your invisible crown”, “Stay Curious”,“Pardon My Frenchie” and many others to choose from. Our favourite is “Dance to the Beat” (hoping this won’t inspire a disco at bedtime though..) These posters will definetly put a smile on your face.

best of kids interiors 2019