Mio Gallery is a paper art studio founded by two perfectionists, Mira and Valerii, whose great love of paper crafts, original techniques, and authentic style gave birth to the idea of starting a brand built around their passion.

Their beautiful paper art for window displays, set design and props, photography, exhibitions, fashion design, and home decor, and a keen eye for details have soon been recognized by many brands, bloggers and people of style.  Companies such as Gucci, Guerlain, PuroBio Cosmetics, Lladró, LVMH Group, Veuve Clicquot, Buddha Bar, Mäntelhaus Keiser are just a few of the prestigious names they have worked for.

The baby collection features adorable framed animals such as bunnies, deers and bears with flowers or you can choose a monogrammed letter in black, gold or silver that comes with a beautiful flower arrangement around it. How could you ever dream of such a stylish for your little one’s nursery?

Mio Gallery paper art is 100% bespoke, carefully handcrafted and completely original.

Take a look at their collections!

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