The wonderful world of Inke Heiland came about when the german-born designer, Inke, was redecorationg the room of her son. She cut out silhouettes of a giraffe and a crocodile in a vintage paper she already had in the house and placed them on her son’s bedroom wall. This in turn lead her to designing a whole animal collection, the “Wallpaper Menagerie” which was greeted with great enthousiasm at the yearly exposition of Reitvald graduates in Amsterdam.

Today, Inke is an established and well reputed wallpaper company for special and trendy kids’ rooms all over the world. The silhouettes are cut by hand by a dedicated team in a local workshop in Amsterdam and makes alot of their customers happy with their custom-made services for truly unique kids interiors. The brand is also very well-known for their Birdhouse light and the wallprint collection that was launched in 2016 is also becoming very popular.

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