Enfance Design is a fusion of creativity and love for children, a conversion point between different cultures and aesthetics, passion for design and handcrafting skills. Founded in 2018 by Bruna Keruzore and Pome Plouvier, a Brazilian-French and French expatriate that met in Connecticut, Enfance Design is an atelier that pursues customization of high-quality materials, hand sewing and crafting of each product. Its purpose is to bring elegance and charm to infants’ ambiances, like children bedrooms, nurseries, playrooms, etc.

The heart of Enfance Design is personalization. We handcraft your décor, customize it with delicate embroidery to make it elegant and unique.Design creation is a continuous activity, result of life celebrations like love, family and friendship. Enfance Design is inspired by its unique clientele who makes this adventure enlightening, fun and fulfilling.

Collections include framed wall décor, monograms, nursery mobiles, wall hoops, tassels and garlands featuring designs such as bunnies, mouses, squirrels, elephants, matrioskas, clouds, stars, hearts, pompoms, teepees, swans, woodlands, foxes,  whales, sharks, spaceships, rainbows..Perfect as a babyshower gift!

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