2022 was another year full of delightful kids’ rooms to feast our eyes upon! Here are the most popular rooms featured on our website and social media. Enjoy!


Marnie’s room fuses milky tea vibes with a sprinkling of peach for a satisfyingly sweet and petite corner. The wall colour is Soft Stone by Dulux, but it has a subtle dusky tone. Scallops above the dado rail add a lovely feminine frill to proceedings. They’re joined by the dainty beaded wildflower by @bohomakes and the delightful fabric Elle flower wall stickers by @mursclairs. The soft terracotta in the Birth Poster print fits the bill perfectly and works in unison with the personalised name sign by @juniperstudiouk to declare who sleeps here. It’s Marnie with a capital M velvet letter pillow by @bettyshome! And did you spot that gorgeous flopsy Fleury Daisy pillow by @jellycat, just bursting to bloom out of the rattan basket?


There’s order in the ocean in this under-the-sea themed room. We love how the conventional marine colour palette has been substituted for something more mellow and in-keeping with a sustainable and eco-friendly vibe. It’s a willowy green meets putty meets terracotta affair with a gentle splash of pale blue and pastel mint. While an aquatic theme dominates, there’s a gentle outdoorsy undercurrent in this room’s DIY aesthetic. Note the ice-capped mountain range pillow and the suitcase poised for impromptu travel.


An absence of dressings and accessories can just as easily lead to an earthy feel. Take this stark room with a defiant less-is-more approach to styling. This time the forest is achieved by print rather than paint in a true-to-life mural that creates a sense of precipitation in the air. The furniture is unfussy and natural, and floor coverings follow the same design-neutral guidelines.

@houseofharvee ⠀⠀

Krystal’s styling of Avery’s room proves that boys’ rooms can be every inch as sweet as girls’. A letterbox window leads to a non-conventional wall art placement, and a gingham decal is a novel way to introduce a virtual headboard.


There’s nothing mellow about this burst of yellow bliss. If we didn’t know better, we’d say someone peeled the roof off and let the sunshine in. It’s a room verging on minimal, yet it is somehow full of joy and well-considered layering. It’s only when you look closer that you see there are florals, stripes, geometrics, graphic text, plus of course, that fantastic slightly abstract Captain print by @emma_labattaglia. The wooden telephone dials in another dose of luscious lemon, and even the tractor light by @ooh_my_light adds a warm ochre glow.


Just as there are 50 shades of grey, brown comes in many guises. In Savannah’s room, it’s Como by @fluggerofficial, a delicate biscuit beige that’s simply sublime teamed with the unexpected floral wallpaper by @Sandberg on the ceiling. The calming neutrals in this feminine room can take the powerful colour on the upcycled wardrobe. In case you’re wondering, it’s Zombie and is from Dyrup.


A palette of toasted cinnamon, peachy blush and delectable fudge deliver an almost edible room. We’re big fans of the daisy love garland in caramel-peach by @jibbejebba. We had to look twice before we realised it wasn’t part of the Little Lights Mermaid lamp. The delicate garland also works perfectly alongside the daisy decals by @kennasatodesigns. A bevvy of rugs, including a round patchwork, quilted mat in caramel candy by @moi_mili, invite the cosy in. Did you spot the chunky knitted rug, too? Turns out it’s a DIY kit you can make at home by @september18.nl. It’s the perfect ‘at home’ activity for when those wintry nights start to close in.


This cheerful room that gives us delicious cherry-berry smoothie feels. It’s not just the cherry references, but the raspberry meets tangerine palette contributes to this vibrant, fruity disposition. It’s zesty. It’s juicy and delectable in so many ways. And just in case you thought that wallpaper was polka dot, take a closer look…it’s also a cherry print by @rebloomed.nl.


Minimal but still full of so much character, Antonius’ room is a virtual trip to Jurassic Park. Joanna carries her love of white minimalist interiors to her son’s bedroom and achieves just the right balance of childlike charm in the styling. There’s a theme, for sure, but it’s not overwhelming. A small section of the Dino White wallpaper by @pastelowelove.pl announces the inhabitants’ love of prehistoric creatures while a triceratops and diplodocus teeter precariously on the overhead shelf. We’re always fond of a little matchy-matchy accessorising, so Ferm Living’s braided apple storage baskets get the seal of approval from us.


We often see rattan teamed with warm neutrals, so it’s refreshing to see a combo with icy whites and blues. This beautiful intricate bed by @swit.pt sits pretty, shrouded in a floaty canopy and adorned with a quilted leafy garland by @ilayela_


If ever you’re in doubt about a colour for the walls, take a leaf out of Venla’s book and use them all! Here she creates a wall that looks almost edible with its ice-cream sundae vibes. There’s just a little help from Tikkurila with their Magnolia and Aloe shades. Elsewhere here’s colour by cunning accessorising – even a straightforward child’s sweater with a hint of lilac meadows can infuse the room with a vibrant bloom. Candy-striped storage boxes from @oyoylivingdesign and multicoloured geometric bricks and shapes add more layers of depth. If all else fails, choose a print with raindrops in a multitude of shades – in this case, ‘Spectrum’ by Velveteen Babies and Wonder and Rah.


There’s a touch of Alice in Wonderland in this upside-down take on wallpapering wonder. A fragrant burst of blooms adorns the ceiling in a room that’s equal parts boho and contemporary chic. Height in the sloped ceilings and a wealth of light from the voile-clad window create a liberating sense of space and airiness. It’s a sharp contrast with the cosy confines of the built-in bed with soft touch storage concealed in its design. A lone star light casts a soothing glow over a welcoming space that feels like the perfect hideaway.


Pretty in pink and peach and pale pineapple. This really is a bedroom fit for a princess with a wealth of spring and summer vibes. A twist of lemon works so well with a palette of peaches and pinks, as evidenced by the bed canopy by @molly_meg_.  Little Dutch brings a bloom of joy to the floor with its giant flower rug, while Astrid Wilson’s framed Flower Market print pastes a cheerful posy on the wall. A string of starry lights and a frou-frou tutu fill this room with girly charm.

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