Homeschooling and the legacy of the Covid-19 pandemic have led to a proliferation of swanky study spaces in homes across the globe. Sophisticated study spaces and offices of adoration are no longer the preserve of grown-ups. Make way parents, adults and guardians.  This is the age of the infant entrepreneur, the stylish scholar and the real-life Boss Baby.

Don’t let desk shortages and space restrictions limit your imagination. As these thirteen case studies illustrate, ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way!’.


They say that visualisation is key to achieving our dreams, so we love the symbolism in Cara’s home-painted peaks. The different shades in each layer create depth, and the wall frieze goes a long way in proving that you can have a view without a window. Aside from the mural’s impact, it’s impressive to think that so much of this space is repurposed. The seating is cut-down breakfast chairs, the desk panel reclaimed wood, and even the spider plant has sprouted from an offcut.


Life is rosy in this compact made-to-measure studio for two, and minimal is the mode of interior décor. The result is no less striking, and that’s, in part, due to the power of the wallpaper print drawn by @hejstudio

The success of small space design hinges on clever accessories. Suspended ceiling pendants by @andtradition save space on the desktop, and the low back chairs by @cfoc_paris keep the workspace streamlined.


This precious space has all the ingredients for a spot of learning. There’s an abundance of colour to keep the budding student alert and ingenious hand-painted shapes on the wall. It’s a hive of activity, but the pastel palette manages to imbue calm and tranquillity. Wonder and Rah delivers aesthetic and practicality simultaneously with its framed multiplication print, and there’s such beauty in the pairing of Never Perfect Studio’s hanging rain cloud and the raindrop garland by @velveteen_babies.


Ivy’s homeschooling haven occupies a space in her bedroom, so the skilful colour zoning marks it out as a distinct space for learning. Farrow & Ball’s Oval Room Blue brings the zen with a pop of Fresh Plaster by @craigandrosepaints. Combined, these two colours work wonders in creating harmony and balance, enhanced by a touch of nature from a trio of fake succulents.


Expert joinery and storage spaces are hallmarks of a perfectly formed office and study space. This vision in Blue Blood by @paperandpaint library gets a sunny burst of Chartreuse for contrast, and the theme is extended to the Ercol chairs. It’s an altogether grown-up affair, but the owl and the pussy cat prints root this room in childhood.


There’s a nomadic vibe to this eclectic workspace, inviting those who happen to pass by to sample a selection of stylish seating options. It’s an office that largely dispenses with symmetry and instead opts for an abstract approach to study. It’s bold; it’s arty and full of individuality.


Retro chic abounds in this gorgeous room makeover. The design philosophy is clear to see—a fusion of grown-up interior vibes rooted in childhood. The showstopper here is the Arch Sea wallpaper by @these.walls. It provides a powerful backdrop, but the overall result is a serene multipurpose space for sleep and study. The orange tones of the wooden desk and cork board work in harmony with the blue hues in the wallcovering, sofa and the modern upholstered bed by @bludot.


Upper East Side chic channels a spot of minimalist white decor and modular wall storage, punctuated by micro pops of colour. This is an excellent design direction for anyone opposed to wallpaper. It’s less permanent but still packs a punch and allows stationery and desk accoutrements to do the talking.

A reverse mono design direction employs a greyscale wallpaper as the backdrop in this quirky study space full of character. A note of caution to parents, though – inquisitive little minds might see it as a gigantic colouring book!

The wallpaper creates a rich tapestry full of intrigue and movement but accentuates everything else in the room. The kid’s version of Minko’s iconic desk in Oceanic brings simplicity to the set-up. Still, it is striking and sophisticated, and the plush robot guarding the chair adds humour and personality to this most beautiful of rooms.


A floating desk isn’t just aesthetically pleasing but a great option where space is at a premium. A couple of pieces of bare wood and L brackets are all that was required to create this corner home office. Even the art installation on the wall is low investment. Just a few pieces of washi tape and a collection of doodles and illustrations, and hey presto, there’s a feature wall.


Mama Amber had vision when she created this shared workspace for sons Miles and Hudson. A narrow shelf above the main desk creates a clear desk policy, leaving more space for productivity and learning. Portable storage trollies like the one pictured are heaven-sent for accessing equipment quickly but stowing out of sight when more space is required. They can even be used as giant in-trays for prioritising homework and assignments.


There’s a touch of rock and roll to Shala’s monochrome distance learning space crafted at the height of the pandemic. Desks were in shortage, so Shahla and her husband made their own and designed a fun and functional space for their two children. Their handiwork was even acknowledged in a Wall Street Journal article! We’re big fans of symmetry with a splash of individuality, and the unique use of framed portraiture to denote each siblings desk is just genius.


A study area doesn’t always necessitate an abundance of space, as this dainty little corner in Sophia’s room proves. A cosy nook at the end of the bed can still designate a dedicated zone for crafting, homeworking or simply reading. We love the country styling here with a divine wallpaper and panelling combo.

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