This year our heads are all up in the clouds! These fluffy, sleepy puffs in the sky are popping up everywhere. They are slowly becoming a must have nursery decor and we totally dig it!  Below you will find inspiring ideas to help you send your little dreamer off to Cloud 9. Welcome to Cloudland!

cloud décor kids rooms

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cloud baby decor

Mooi Baby

cloud nursery mobile

Liewood Design

cloud decorations for kids

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Daydreaming has never been so delightful until these cuties came along. Cloud cushions with happy kawaii faces are bound to become one of your kids’ most lovable toy-friends. They love to be hugged and carried around, but can also be used for back support while playing or reading. Little hands can fluff and puff them any way they like, they won’t mind. The cloud cushions rank pretty high on the awesome scale and will make a lovely nursery decor in any kid’s room.

cloud kids cushions pillows

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cloud pillow

Paul et Paula

yellow cloud cushion


There is nothing more soothing than climbing in the bed and snuggling into fresh and comfy bed sheets. And if these sheets feature clouds as a theme, how much more relaxing can they get? For little ones, laying in the bed will feel like floating on air, and you can be sure they will dream far beyond the clouds. Cloud themed bedding can be matched with nearly any aesthetics and would bring a dreamy touch to any room. Feel free to experiment with their colours.

cloud kids bedding

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cloud pattern sheets

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No nursery is complete without a cute mobile hanging above the cot. Whimsical cloud-shaped mobile raining all colours of the rainbow will dazzle your baby and add a fabulous finishing touch to the sleeping area. Softly floating through the air, clouds will make a wonderful treat for those little wandering eyes. There are many gorgeous budget-friendly DIY ideas for creating the most charming cloud mobiles. Make sure to give them a try.

cloud nursery décor

Architecture Art Design

liewood cloud mobile

Liewood Design

rainbow clouds nursery mobile

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cloud mobile baby room

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cloud baby nursery decor

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Unlike ordinary storm clouds, clouds on the walls don’t have to be gloomy. On the contrary, they always brighten up the kids’ room. Who wouldn’t enjoy a wall inspired by the skies? If you want to create a nursery your toddler won’t outgrow in a blink of an eye, opting for cloudy wallpapers or wall decals can be a good idea. Clouds are always en vogue and will stay fresh in the years to come.

cloud nursery wallpaper


clouds kids wallpaper

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childrens wallpaper with cloud

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blue cloud wallpaper boys room

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lilipinso cloud wallpaper



From shelves and wall hooks to rugs and lamps, clouds will always find the way to add endearing vibes to the kids’ interior. Cloud wall shelves and hooks can hold much more than raindrops. Scatter them on the walls and accessorise accordingly. Introduce cloud shaped rug as a fluffy playmat, while using the cloud lamp to illuminate the space. Voila!

cloud wall décor

Maison Sarah Lavoine

cloud shelf kids room


cloud lamp lighting

FermLiving Kids

cloud light kids room

Lili Halo Decoration

cloud led light lamp

A Little Lovely Company

cloud shelves

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clouds in kids interiors

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Use these ideas to bring a sense of serenity to your kids’ nursery. Clouds are sure to inspire any little dreamer and help him drift off to sleep. Cloud trend is huge at the moment so don’t worry about finding accessories to purchase. Many pieces can be made by yourself, so if you are handy, a cloud-themed room might be right up your alley.

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