Designing a kid’s room is one of the most amazing moments in parenthood. You are designing a room that is so important for your child’s memories and you want everything to be just perfect. That can be difficult, since there are so many great possibilities. It is up to you to create a unique and loving environment – one of the easiest ways to add both colorfulness and personality to the space is by relying on two-tone wall design. Here are some tips that will help you do a great job.

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So, the basic goal of two-tone design is to have two colours on one wall, and how you will make that happen is up to you. The simplest solution is to separate the wall into two horizontal halves and paint them with different shades.

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Just as in the famous “rule of thirds” in photography, this approach will create more interest and energy than by simply dividing the wall in half.

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Colour-blocking can look just as impressive (if not even more) when you decide to divide the wall into two vertical parts. Just as with the horizontal lines, you can go by the book and create two equal halves or follow the rule of thirds. You can make a bold statement and harmony at the same time by hanging an artwork or some other wall accessory in between the two tones.

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When we’re thinking about the two-tone design, we usually imagine just two different colors on one wall, but why stop there? Cross that line and make the kid’s room door and furniture color-blocked too. It will create continuity, but also an element of surprise, which is always a good thing when it comes to design.

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It’s a kid’s room, so it is only natural to play with the design. Unleash your imagination and make irregular lines, weird shapes. Paint mountains instead of geometrically dividing the walls with straight lines, paint a little house in the corner of a room and instantly create a future playing nook…

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Now, it is important to know that you can’t just choose any two colours and put them together on one wall. You have to find two colors that look great together. It is easy with white, since it goes well with anything from bright yellow and mint green all the way to grey and black. You can also combine different pastel colors, earthy tones, different shades of a single color, pastels and deep tones, etc.

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In the end make sure the furnishing and the accessories fit in well into this colour story – opt for more neutral furniture rather than too striking ones.

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