The Play& Go bag is two products into one – a toy storage when closed with a string and a playmat when opened and placed on the floor. Now you don’t have to carry around a heavy toy box anymore and take out toys one by one, as all legos, cars, balls, and blocks can be spilled out in a second and swiftly cleared away with a swing.

Easily portable, the Play & Go bag is also hardwearing and makes the perfect storage sack when travelling or for a day at the beach. Kids will find their favourite for their room amongst all the different colours and designs available – fuchia, grey, black, green, blue, geometrical designs, patterns with flamingos, cactuses, footballs, pandas, superheroes, moustaches, badmintons or pink elephants. They can also have fun with their friends colouring-in their own bag designed with Omy’s quirky and playful designs – which can be washed so they can start all over again the next day. And for all Disney fans out there, you’ll absolutely love the Mickey and Minnie designs!

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