Going on an African safari is every child’s dream. But if your little adventurers are still too young for packing the bags and experiencing the real thing, why not bring the taste of the wilderness right into their room and make them roar with happiness. Are you ready for some untamed decorating fun?

safari themed kids room

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From nursery to preschool kid’s room, safari is a perfect gender-neutral theme that works great not only for boys but for courageous girls as well. It is also one of the best-known solutions for those seeking a concept for a shared kids’ room. If you are a parent of an animal lover (regardless of the gender), seize the opportunity to introduce critters galore into his room and encourage learning about the wildlife. Safari room can be an amazing learning station, but also the playroom dreams are made of.

safari childrens rooms

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The best way not to get lost in the decorating jungle is to start with a statement piece and build around it. Choose something you really like that compliments the theme. Safari or Savanna themed bedding featuring lions, elephants, zebras or giraffes, come in both vivid and muted tones, so it won’t be a problem combining it with any colour scheme you set your mind to. For kids who consider themselves being too old for such a themed bedspread, animal print patterns such as a tiger duvet cover should do the trick. Take one of the tones from the sheets and paint the walls in it. Or opt for a coordinating rug. A woven rug with African-inspired prints can also be a wonderful statement piece, especially when decorating a nursery.

tiger kids bedding

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Don’t go crazy when choosing the colour palette for the room. Too much strong colours and patterns can be overbearing, particularly if the room is on the smaller side. Opt for beige, mustard, greens, tan, grey or ivory, and later add some interest with accent pieces in bright hues.

savanna safari kids room

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safari-chic kids room

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safari nursery room

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Glamping (the glamorous way of camping) has never been so safe and snug as in these adorable play tents and teepees. They will provide cosy fun on the floor for a little explorer while taking the safari theme one step further.

safari teepee playtent

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Forget dolls and teddy bears. Let the parade of stuffed giraffes, elephants, lions, hippos and rhinos conquer the playroom. Place them on the shelf, chair, bed, or scatter them across the floor near the play tent. Adorn the wall with cute trophy heads or choose one huge huggable toy and place it next to the bed. Nothing captures a child’s heart like rolling in a sea of stuffed animals.

safari nursery mobile

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safari kids rooms

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african animals trophy heads

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african safari themed kids rooms

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Let the savanna leaves and exotic birds take over the walls, and you will end up tucked into the wild heaven. If your child fancies zebras or elephants, wallpapers with their motifs will be a well-loved addition to the room.

zebra wallpaper

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savanna safari animals wallpaper

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wallpaper with lions jungle

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If changing the walls feels like too much for you, you can always play with safari-themed wall art. If you are raising a little artist, frame his drawings and make them shine. If not, you can always purchase some playful prints or cut out images from magazines to complement the theme.

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lion print kids room

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Don’t forget the camera, and off we go exploring!

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