As the temperature warms up, we are getting more excited to ditch the chilly and drab days and embrace the summery vibes in their full glory! If you are planning to take it slow this season and spend the hottest hours sipping lemonade and playing games with your family, bring a glimpse of summer inside the kids’ room. Here are a few fun ideas to get you started.

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Nothing says summer like an explosion of vibrant colours. It’s the time for playing in the sea with inflatable toys, on the beach or in the garden with colourful balloons or waterpistols.  If you imagine the sunny yellow cast its glow, you will end up on a shore next to the beach house in pastel stripes. Dream on and you might end up on a Caribbean island with tropical pinks and leafy greens. Don’t be afraid to go a bit overboard. As long as it looks cheerful, you are good to go.

beach inspired kids room


fresh summery girls room

My Hampton Home

bright colourful girls room



Summer wouldn’t be summer without icecreams, especially for children! A pastel swirly cone, a bright popsicle or maybe a bowl of yummy scoops with paper umbrellas on top – they all make kids’ eyes pop and bring smiles on their sun kissed cheeks. Fruits, especially watermelons are also summertime favourites for little ones. So why not remind them of these happy moments by bringing them into the kid’s room?

watermelon blanket

Spearmint Love

icecream duvet cover kids

Sack Me

icecream bedding


summery fruity kids room


trendy kids room

Elin och Halva

beach summer kids rooms

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Children love playing outdoors and it is particularly important for their well-being. Maybe you remember when you were little and you would play for hours and hours in the garden during the summer even when it started getting dark? As the days get shorter you could bring in the outdoor feel in the kid’s room by letting in lots of natural light by choosing light sheer fabric for the curtains and by incorporating natural elements such as wood, sisal or green plants. If you want to intensify it with a summery and fresh feel then add colours such as turquoise, pale blue, green, beige and yellow that reminds of the sea, sky, trees, gardenlawns, beach and the sun.

turquoise kids bed


kids room boheme

summery kids rooms

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If you haven’t heard, rattan is en vogue! This old lady among the patio furniture is not only back, but it found its way to the kids’ interiors. Cots, toddler beds, storage… just name it. We are happy to see this vintage classic back in our homes, especially during the warm days. Such a simple and eco-friendly way to bring the nature and the summery feel inside the house. And can be cheap as well if you scoop a good deal in some of the local thrift shops. Rattan takes colour well which makes it a perfect candidate for a DIY paint job. For bonus points, paint the piece in one of the summery colours.

rattan kids bed

Inside Out

rattan kids bed

Aurélie Lecuyer

Last tip! You could also evoke memories by displaying objects found during a summer vacation, like shells from the beach. Make DIY projects such as collages with them or paint them in summery colours for example.

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