Choosing the right bed for a kid’s room is every parent’s top priority when it comes to kid’s room design. The right bed should have enough room to spread out, provide adequate back support and, together with a quality mattress, work to promote health and comfort of a child. However, there is one more aspect to consider. The bed is usually the biggest and most conspicuous element in the room, so it should not only fit into the décor, but be of great design that makes it the focal point of the room. So, let us see how a bed can add character to a kid’s room.

kids pillow fight

Vintage Industrial Style


It’s simple as it gets – an ordinary bed with an extraordinary headboard will add the kids’ room that extra pizzazz you are looking for. Headboards come in many shapes and sizes, but they can also be products of DIY efforts. Plywood piece cut in the form of a house can introduce dreaminess, but it is also handy for adding small floating shelves for keeping toys or bedtime stories. Or, if you want to go the opposite way, you can include a grownup-like vinyl or satin headboard.

house headboard kids bed

Kenay Home

padded headboard kids bed

Little Vintage Handmade

plywood headboard kids bed


peacock headboard

Keltainen Talo Rannalla

original headboards kids bed

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If the kid’s bed is shaped in a striking design it can become the signature piece of the room. Don’t go overboard with the decoration in the room though so the bed really stands out.

orange kids bed

Swantje und Frieda

Lumo Kids

Lumo Kids

cloud design bed

Scout and Fable

oliver furniture kids bed

Oliver Furniture

colourful headboard kids bed

Twigge Design

tent camping kids bed

Mathy by Bols


In a small kids’ room where there is no place for a regular playhouse, a creatively custom-designed bed can take that role upon itself. A hideaway bed with ladders, doors, and windows will promote imaginative thinking and playing, so that children are never bored in their little heaven. Such beds can also feature storage units, so you’re solving one more problem without much hassle.

kids bed alot storage

Charlotte Freysviden

kids bed house headboard

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There is nothing dreamer and more fairytale-like than a canopy above the kid’s bed. The best thing about this decorative addition is that it really gives a focus-point to the room and particularly the bed. A canopy can be also be upgraded with string lights, hanging flowers, polka dots, tassels, etc.

romantic grey white girls room

Mrs Mighetto

canopy ideas girls room

Made in Persbo

mustard canopy kids room


cream white canopy kids



Metal bed frames give a kid’s room a special kind of retro vibe, and they can be more versatile than you could ever imagine. If painted white, they are ideal for vintage romantic rooms, but if painted with some bright colors, like yellow or red, they make a great eye-catching focal point.

orange metal bed


colourful kids metal beds

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coloured kids metal beds

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Don’t forget that your child might also use the bed to read books and magazines with his or hers friends – so make the bed something they can be proud of!

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