Summertime afternoon without an ice cream is hardly imaginable. At least according to kids. From fruity popsicles to creamy chocolate ice cream, they love them all. If your little one has a sweet tooth for the icy delight, consider making it part of the décor. Adorn the walls with lavish ice cream wallpapers or wall decals, and frame some kawaii-looking prints. Wall hooks and the night lights in the shape of ice cream will find their place in any girl’s room. But why stop there? Sleeping in the pile of ice cream must be the ultimate summer treat. Ice cream-themed bed linen and pillows are such an eye candy! Scroll down for more ideas.

icecream kids decor

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sack me icecream bedding uk

Sack Me

icecream garland

Lullaby Room

icecream cushion

Hannah Doodle

icecream wall decals

Arlo and Co

icecream decor kids room

The Kidz Curator

icecream wall stickers

Nutmeg Wallstickers

icecream neon light


icecream wallpaper

The Sweetest Digs

moustache icecream pillow

Prosto Concept

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