The story of Boqa originates in Mexico when Julien Adam, the Founder, started importing the famous Acapulco chair from its homeland to France. However,the “French touch” added to this traditional Mexican craftsmanship became over the years “the Mexican touch” to a French design company as all the manufacturing and production was moved solely to France. This greatly contributed to the brand’s success and expansion as the company was able to develop more ranges, colours and even offer personalization to their clients. Up until today, Boqa has created thirtyfive different designs and is now represented in one hundred and eighteen retailers, mainly across Europe.

The manufacturing process is closely supervised step by step, which makes the Boqa chair so special. Each chair is handmade; the shape is moulded by a bending technique on a table, then assembled segment by segment on imposing steel structures before being sanded and painted. The braiding of the plastic cords is of course an important step and the identity of the brand – this forms a special unit in the factory by specially trained and skilled craftsmen.
In the beginning of 2017, two new designs were born, especially for kids’ interiors – the Scole desk which matches perfectly with the Lilou chair which is available in 21 gorgeous colours, including bright fuchsia, yellow, orange and turquoise green (just to name a few).
Such a joyful and perky addition to any kid’s room!

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