According to the Montessori method, a child’s room should be designed from a child’s perspective. It is based on two main principles: functionality and minimalism. This means that every piece of furniture and all the items in the room ought to be accessible to kids at every moment, helping them accelerate their path to independence. It is also not in the Montessori spirit to overwhelm the space with unnecessary things, as they will only act as distractions. This method requires you to understand your child’s needs and opportunities and create an environment according to them. Its creator, Dr Maria Montessori believed that children are their own best teachers, and in that spirit, she developed her principles.

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Are you considering on putting your trust in Montessori? If the answer is YES then continue your journey down the article and take a glance at our useful and stylish tips on how to embrace Montessori method in your kid’s room.


The first thing you should do is say goodbye to the crib and instead get a floor bed. According to Montessori, cribs are one of the biggest obstacles on the road to independence. If kids can’t access their own beds, parents are the ones deciding when they should sleep or wake up, decisions that should be left to the little ones. There are dozens of brilliant ideas to make the floor bed inviting and cosy, one of the most popular being the house bed. But whatever you decide to do, the important is that your toddler can climb in and out of bed on its own.

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There is absolutely no room for huge, heavy drawers in the Montessori space! Toys, books, clothes… Anything a child might need has to be within his reach. Curious hands will easily find what they are looking for if you replace your standard storage with baskets, small kid-friendly furniture cupboards, low shelving and clothing rails. Allowing the youngsters to choose their clothes will require some additional clutter control, but the benefits will be enormous!

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According to Montessori, “the more, the merrier“ doesn’t apply to toys. Possessing a lot of playthings can over-stimulate a young mind, and sometimes results in playing with nothing at all. Instead of loading the kids’ room with all sorts of different toys, try to organize a handful of their favourite things in low, sturdy shelves where they can be easily seen and reached. That way, kids will have enough choices of what to play with, without feeling overwhelmed.

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Baby’s room should be a relaxing place, a safe retreat filled with love and harmony. When it comes to nurseries, soft neutrals, muted hues and soothing shades should replace bold colours and high-contrast patterns. Avoid unnecessary clutter by opting for accessories that double as toys, like a set of hand-carved stacking rings or a wooden abacus.

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The most important prerequisite for your toddler to be able to move freely around the room is to make it childproof! Everything you buy, build and install, should be carefully pre checked for maximum safety.


So, what do you think? Is Montessori a revolutionary way of raising children or just one more hype out there? Can toddlers handle such level of independence?

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