Once considered as dark and dusty spaces, full of mystery and heirloom pieces, attics have come along way in today’s households. Thanks to the evolution of building materials and the growing issue with the lack of space in urban areas, attic conversion is now one of the most popular home improvement projects in the world. And while there are quite a few fantastic things you could turn your attic into, a kid’s room is without the doubt the best one!

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Are you one of the lucky few who are not struggling with finding enough space for the needs of their growing family? Stay with us anyway, as we are going to show you why the attic is a perfect space for kids and why you should consider it as an option even if this is not something you absolutely need to do.


If it is appropriately insulated and there are enough windows to let the natural light in, no matter the size and the shape of the space, your attic will make for a perfect kids’ area. Not all attics are created equal, of course. Huge spaces are ideal for creating separate zones dedicated to playtime, studying and sleeping, without compromising on the free space in the middle of the room where kids can enjoy an unstructured play.

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If the roof is steep and the ceiling is high, you might be able to push zoning to the next level by creating a loft with a sleeping nook tucked away just under the roof, and leave the whole floor as a play area.

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Even very small attics offer plenty of opportunities. Just make sure to put to use every available corner of the space. There is never enough storage room for all the kids’ gear, so you will want to think this one through. Consider opting for built-in furniture optimised for the very space. Your little one will love its hideaway bed and seamless lines of furniture that follows the shape of the room.

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Adults are often bothered by slanted walls, but kids find them fascinating! Not only do they make kids feel safe and snug, but they also spark their imagination. There is something truly magical about the roof windows, especially during the night when they put the stars on display. Having a telescope in a room with this kind of view is a must!

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Bare wood beams supporting the roof not only give character to the space, but they can also be great for hanging a swing or decorative banners.

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The angled ceiling is an empty canvas waiting to be filled with your creative ideas. From fun wallpaper choices, to experimenting with different paint colours, the attic walls will let you pull off the look you would never be able to achieve in a regular kid’s room.

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Vintage and rustic looks are probably the first that come to mind, but you may choose to go for any style you like. If you ask us, we find these serene attic kids’ rooms featuring whites and wood to be the most suiting for such purpose. With a clean slate like this, you can decorate and redecorate any way you wish without breaking into a bank.

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Kids of all generations have always been drawn to attics (especially grandma’s) for searching for treasures and now is the time to give them their own to play in each and every day. Challenging the way they experience the space, the attic room will provide kids privacy and help them feel more independent from the grownups. And it will help you deal with clutter around the house!


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