Children grow up in a blink of an eye. One day you are bringing them home in a Moses basket and the next day they are already heading for school. Being part of their beautiful transition is the most rewarding experience a parent can have, but these neverending changes can be financially daunting. Kids outgrow everything before you know it and it sometimes feels like you are constantly going shopping to meet their needs. Irresistible kid’s items can make this journey fun, but shopping for big and pricey pieces of furniture your little one is going to outgrow in a few months is just frustrating. Luckily, when it comes to kid’s beds there is an adorable solution to this problem.

evolutive kids bed

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Beds designed to grow with the child are not a new thing on the market, but in the last few years, we’ve been witnessing their renaissance. Regular cots can be used for 18 to 24 months, but these Transformers will last through the kid’s curious climbing stage and all the way to adolescence. They can expand to several different sizes to meet the changing needs of a growing child. With just a few adjustments, a cute baby cot can become a daybed, comfortable toddler bed or, later on, full sized teenager’s nest. Even mattresses act like workhorses in this game. The same mattress can adjust to any of the stages in the transition which makes it less expensive in the long run.

vintage evolutive kids beds

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kids bed that extends

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oliver furniture junior bed

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Sometimes transition to a toddler bed can be a stressful experience. Having a convertible bed will make a huge difference to a child who became too attached to its cot. Not having to say goodbye to its previous nest can be comforting for a delicate mind, and embracing a new form of the familiar object will do wonders in fighting against this dependency. Also, while adapting to the new sleeping arrangement, make sure to use the safety rails to stop your little one from falling out of the bed during the night.

sebra cot

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plyroom ava cot


extendable cot

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Convertible beds can be found in a variety of shapes and styles to fulfil the wishes of any family. Rather than having a child-like appearance, these beds come in standard colours and materials which make them easy to mix and match with any decor. You can choose anything from minimal contemporary to sophisticated, more traditional pieces.

vintage wooden extensible kids bed

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bed that grows with child

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Beds that grow up with the child do come with a price tag, but they do pay off in a long run. Before deciding to make a purchase, we advise you to gather all the information about the advantages and disadvantages, different types and additional features they offer. And above all, please let us know if you find a secret formula for keeping them in bed all night.

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